All The Cool Kids Have Them

To blog, or not to blog. That was the question that weighed heavily on my mind in 2014 during the early stages of building Boost Cape Cod. Between building a website and portfolio to help launch the business, meeting with new clients and providing a wide-variety of marketing services, did I really have the time to add another item to the to-do list? What could I possibly write about that would be relevant in the ever-changing, and often cluttered digital world? And most importantly, what if my first blog post fell deep in the darkness of the social media woods with nobody there to see it? 

Flash forward to 2016. Boost had just celebrated its second anniversary and was hitting its stride. No more run-walking. It was time to pick up the pace. I had a solid client base with a mix of business and nonprofit clients making great contributions on both sides of the Cape Cod Canal. Each client had news or events that were of interest to the community and worthy of more than the press release, e-newsletter or social media posts I normally distributed. What else could I do to get the word out?

Finally it all made sense. Why not create a blog where I could promote this information and reach an additional audience?  Didn’t my clients deserve an additional marketing BOOST? Could I add in some community events to engage readers or highlight a few of Boost’s projects or services from time to time without turning readers off? Selfishly, could I refer back to it from time to time when I need a reminder of why I started this business in the first place?

So, without further ado, I present to you the first-ever Boost Cape Cod blog post. After two years in business, I’ve come to realize that all the cool kids have blogs and I want to run with that crowd.